Lindsay & Marcus { Engagement Photography }

Lindsay and Marcus are tying the knot! These two are another couple who have been together for many years, and they just recently got engaged. I really think it’s wonderful to find someone you are compatible with at a young age because you get to spend most of your life with them. Lucky! I have known both Lindsay & Marcus for a while and I am so happy to be able to photograph them! Congrats guys!

They brought along their adorable little fluff ball Nina to their engagement shoot, what a sweetie! Here are some of my favorite shots:

Lindsay and Marcus Engagement-0216.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--2.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0186.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--3.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--4.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0188.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0251.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--5.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0192.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--7.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0245.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--8.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0268.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0305.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--9.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0325.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0348.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0377.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-2.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0378.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0464.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0495.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0497.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0528.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0556.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0668.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0683.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0727.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement-0765.jpgLindsay and Marcus Engagement--6.jpg



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