Koy & Josh Victoria, BC { Engagement }

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! <3

For their engagement photos, we met up last weekend on a freezing cold day in Victoria, BC – I know, freezing in Victoria? – but it was actually freezing, as in below zero! Koy & Josh braved the weather even though we were waterfront and it was windy! They were so easy to work with, and naturals in front of the camera. Koy is also a fellow photographer, so she knows the ropes! (check out her stuff here) I am so excited to be photographing their wedding this summer; I had such a great time doing their engagement photos, and I got so many great shots it was difficult to narrow it down! I know their wedding is going to be absolutely amazing!!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Koy & Josh engagement-5268.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5274.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5289.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5313.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5317.jpgKoy & Josh engagement--2.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5292.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5311.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5375.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5342.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5373.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-3.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5379.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-2.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5339.jpgKoy & Josh engagement--3.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5413.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5423.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5429.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5436.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5456.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5472.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5481.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5493.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5498.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5503.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5537.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5540.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5549.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5561.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5571.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5608.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5614.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5622.jpgKoy & Josh engagement-5615.jpg

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