Jesika & Carson, Ucluelet Wedding { Wedding Photography }

I am so excited to share this wedding which happened 2 weeks ago in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island! The wedding was of Jesika & Carson; if you missed their engagement session check it out here. This was my first ever wedding shot in the Ucluelet area and it was absolutely breathtaking! They had a very intimate wedding at the beautiful Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet, which I would definitely go back to for a personal stay. I was looking forward to their wedding all summer as it is storm season around this time which means beautiful overcast weather and fog, a little different than your typical summer wedding. Swoon! We did get a little unlucky as it was raining pretty good for most of the shoot but Jesika & Carson stuck it out and it was so worth it! It was a long day for my husband and I, we left our place in Victoria around 6am to get to Ucluelet in time to check into our room, grab our gear and head out to start shooting for the day. We started in the beautiful suites at Black Rock as Jesika & Carson each got ready in separate rooms. She had her mum’s there to do her hair for her which was beautiful! They used this crazy hair curling machine I had never seen before which sucks the hair into a heated chamber and swirls it around to created a perfect curl. It was pretty awesome! Then Jesika did her own makeup, which was beautiful also! She had so many personal touches, beautiful diamond and emerald earrings that belonged to her Mother, a vintage pearl necklace that was her Grandma’s and a handmade blue shawl from her Aunt. Her dress was to die for!! I LOVED it and it looked perfect on her!

Since it was raining pretty heavily the ceremony took place in the wine cellar which over looked a rocky cove. It was very romantic lighting and the perfect size for their small guest list. After the ceremony we did a few family portraits outside and had the family running in and out to stay dry! (Thanks for sticking it out guys!) Then we took advantage of the beautiful Juliet balcony that overhangs the cove and got some gorgeous shots of the bride & groom! We didn’t stay outdoors too long but it was long enough to sacrifice an umbrella which got blown inside out and the canvas ripped off and flew away!  Jesika & Carson were so awesome even when it was freezing, windy and raining!!!  My husband was also a great sport following me around with an umbrella over my camera!

Here are some shots from the day, a big congrats to Jesika & Carson!!

Jesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9626.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--3.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9683.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9687.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--4.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9786.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9707.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--2-2.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9699.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9870.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9979.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--5.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0001.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--6.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0020.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0027.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0036.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0103.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0078.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-2.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0071.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0058.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9856.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9955.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0145.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0135.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0168.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-9871.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0257.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0459.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0329.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0338.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--7.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--8.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--9.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0397.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0379.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--10.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0382.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0426.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0488.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0496.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0607.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0625.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--2.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0656.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding--11.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0678.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0692.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0664.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0696.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0680.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0722.jpgJesika Carson Ucluelet wedding-0791.jpg

Venue: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort
Dress: Luz Bridal Victoria
Tux: Macy’s & Moores
Flowers: Crab Apple Floral
Cake: Black Rock Oceanfront Resort
Jewelry: Vintage

Chelsea Jean Photography – Wedding, Engagement and Lifestyle Photographer in Victoria BC.
Victoria BC Wedding Photography 2013


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