Buxton Family Photos { Family Portrait Photography }

Another beautiful family on a beautiful Fall day! I met David through work and have been tormented by him ever since….just kidding!!!   He is a huge football fan and loves Tottenham who is a rival of Chelsea…one day I came in to work and all my office supplies with my name on them had been labelled over top from Chelsea to Tottenham….it was easy to guess who had done it! Haha thanks David! But all jokes aside he is a wonderful, funny guy and his family is equally as wonderful and it was my privilege to photograph them! And seriously, what a beautiful family!!!

Here are some of my favorite shots:


Buxton Family Photography-9556.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9566.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9578.jpgBuxton Family Photography--2.jpgBuxton Family Photography--3.jpgBuxton Family Photography--4.jpgBuxton Family Photography--5.jpgBuxton Family Photography--6.jpgBuxton Family Photography-.jpgBuxton Family Photography-0109.jpgBuxton Family Photography-2-2.jpgBuxton Family Photography-2.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9608.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9614.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9618.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9631.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9670.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9683.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9723.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9747.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9774.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9778.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9780.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9828.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9836.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9840.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9926.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9937.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9944.jpgBuxton Family Photography-9945.jpg


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