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Welcome to 2014!  I am starting off the year with big intentions and photographic aspirations, and what better way to start the year than finishing up with my last wedding of 2013? Last night at midnight this adorable couple said their vows and shared a midnight kiss. The day was anything but traditional as we met for photos first, had the reception then finished the wedding off with the ceremony. How awesome is that? I was so lucky to be a part of their intimate wedding and I am thrilled to share these gorgeous images of this New Years Wedding.

Anne and Alex are awesome. No other word can be used to describe them! They had some very unique touches to their wedding including a bouquet made of duct tape! How creative! I loved it! Anne got Alex some beautiful locket cuff links, which each had a photo of his Father inside. Absolutely beautiful. They also had shoes custom made for them, hightop Reebok’s with velcro and some flashy colours, custom picked by them! And of course to finish them off…the back of the shoes say “Awesome”. Yep, I’d say they nailed it!

I met up with them around noon at the James Bay Inn, to get the day started. Anne had just had her hair done, complete with a tiara and veil, and her friend Sarah arrived to do her make up! I stole away with her bouquet and jewellery to get some shots in before she got into her dress. Once dressed, we used some spots around the James Bay Inn to get us started for photos, then moved down the street to a residential home. The room in the house was actually rented by Alex’s Father 30 years ago, and it’s also where her Father proposed to her Mother…what a beautiful place to take photos! Because we did the photos first we had a fairly leisurely time, and we were able to fit in a few locations. I had a great time photographing Anne & Alex, they are so laid back and fun. We also lucked out on weather, what a beautiful day and night!!

After our photo session we had a pit stop and Mcdonald’s for some refuelling, yes, in full wedding attire! Loved it! We had a break before the reception so we parted ways for a couple hours and met back up at their home for the reception and ceremony. They had lot’s of awesome appies and snacks out for their guests and they really made a beautiful back drop for their vows. They hung string lights all the way along the way, it looked fantastic! Their vows were beautiful and written themselves and the ceremony was performed by a friend. It was lovely!

A huge congratulations to Anne & Alex, what a beautiful way to ring in the new year!

Here are some of my favorite images:

Anne and Alex Wedding Photography-2966.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2869.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2951.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2881.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2932.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2979.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2895.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2921.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2942.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2959.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-2990.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3002.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3026.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3029.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3058.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3039.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3911.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3120.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3198.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3205.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3276.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3298.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3316.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3326.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3337.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3341.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3358.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3399.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3419.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3421.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3424.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3422.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3472.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3435.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3473.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3489.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3511.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3522.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3536.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3545.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3551.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3562.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3574.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3594.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3630.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3649.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3658.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3704.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3719.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3728.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3892.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3782.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3804.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3830.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3831.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3865.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3877.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3957.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3963.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-3973.jpgAnne and Alex Wedding Photography-4088.jpgc91-Anne and Alex Wedding Photography-4205.jpg

I invited a fellow photographer friend to second shoot with me for this wedding during the day, thank you Daniel! (You can check out his work here). And, as always, had the help of my wonderful husband!

Venue: Their own home & James Bay Inn
Flowers: Home made duct tape bouquet by the Bride & Groom
Make-up: Anne’s friend Sarah


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